Choosing Your Shutter Size

The length of your shutter can be measured in two ways.   If you want the appearance of a working shutter it is recommended to measure the length
of each window or door (sash) and order the shutters in the same lengths (do not include the frame of the window or door in your
measurements).   However, some people prefer the shutter to cover the entire length of the window or door and therefore, you would need to
measure the window or door and include the frame in your measurement. This is a personal preference and up to the buyer.

Recommended shutter widths per window - the width of your shutter depends on the available space around your windows, as well as appearance.
For and appearance of functioning shutters, the width of your shutter should be half the width of your window.   However, you may choose a design
that will not overpower the window; rather it should compliment the paint scheme and architectural elements of your home.

Measurement tips - watch for obstructions like down pipes, light fixtures, electrical fittings, etc.   Ensure there is adequate wall space for the width of the
shutter.   Ensure there is adequate wall space between windows for width of shutters.

Window Width
Shutter Width
16" or smaller
17" - 22"
9" - 10"
23" - 31"
12" - 14 1/2"
32" - 40"
14 1/2" - 16 1/4" - 17 3/4"
41" and up
multi-wide shutters


Where do we ship?

We ship within the continental U.S. and Canada.  Please contact us for shipping charges.


What is our lead time?

Orders ship within 10 business days.


What type of surfaces can shutters be installed on?

Shutters can be installed on all types of surfaces, using the following mounting hardware and mounting instructions:

       Shutter Spikes - The shutter spikes are provided for the shutters and a 1/4" drill bit will be the correct size to use for installing.
       The drill bit should be correct for the material the house is made of .  Brick, concrete block or stucco on concrete will require a masonary-type drill.
       Shutter Screws - Pre-drill the shutter 1/4" hole.  Screws are self tapping in most materials except brick, stucco and cement.


Can you paint the exterior shutter?

Yes!  We offer a Dura C Styrene shutter #049, which is paintable.  Our manufacturer recommends a new product by Sherwin Williams
"KRYLON FUSION" paint.  See Sherwin Williams for warranty and instructions.


If you order a colored shutter can you paint it a different color?

Yes!  Use Sherwin Williams "KRYLON FUSION" paint.  See Sherwin Williams for warranty and instructions.


How thick is the material used on our exterior shutters?

The material varies from 1/16" to 3/16" based on the structural requirements of a particular area of the shutter's panel.


How thick are the shutters?

The shutter panel will be 1" deep when installed.


Can you use a different color for trim accessories than for the shutter panels?

This is a subjective question.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   We have many customers that have used a different color for the trim accessories than for the panels.


Care and Cleaning?

While our shutters come closer to being totally maintenance free than any other shutter on the market today, they will become dirty as does a freshly
painted house, a new automobile or any other product which is exposed to atmospheric conditions.  Generally, your shutters can be cleaned satifactorily
with the use of any ordinary garden hose.   If this does not do the job, we suggest the following:

        1. With a garden hose and a soft bristle brush wash your shutters gently.

        2. Where soil is of a stubborn nature, the following cleaning solutions work well:

            1/3 cup detergent (Tide for example)

            2/3 cup Tri-sodium (Soilax for example)

            4 quarts of water

In certain geographical areas where mildew may be a problem, substitute one quart of 5% sodium hydrochloride (Clorox for example) for one quart of water
in the formula above.

Where your shutter is extremely dirty, it is recommended that you start washing from the top and work down to the bottom.   Apply
cleaning solution and let stand several minutes in order for the dirt to loosen.   The siding must be rinsed thoroughly to avoid staining and /or streaking.


Painting Instructions

        1. Do not expose shutters to direct sunlight before, during or immediately after painting.   Shutters should be between 60 and 90 degrees
            Fahrenheit for best result.

        2. Clean shutter panels using either a mixture of ammonia and water, 1 cup per gallon, or Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) or water; follow
            directions on container.   Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry 1 hour.

        3. Prime shutter with a good primer.   We recommend Zinnser Bullseye 1-2-3 or Zinner Cover-Stain or Masterchem KILZ II or
            Masterchem KILZ Total One.   Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

        4. For Best Results use high quality oil base or latex paint for top coat.   DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF VINYL BASED PAINT.

        5. Apply two coats of finish paint following the manufacturer's recommendations on the amount of time between coats.   The paint
            can be applied with a brush or spraying following the paint manufacturer's recommendations.

        6. Allow the shutter to dry four days prior to installation, especially if the shutter will be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
            This will allow the paint to fully cure.


What is your warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Full Product Replacement.
Your shutters are warranted (which are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's published installation instructions) against any
defects in material or workmanship causing breaking, cracking, splitting or warping, for as long as you own your shutter.  This warranty does not cover
painting of the shutters unless they were painted by our manufacturer.   Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer your shutters.   Fading
or chalking is not covered by this warranty.  If you have a claim under this warranty, please call the toll free number listed on our site.